Engineering Site Appraisals

We can perform a site appraisal or development feasibility study for any site, in order to determine its suitability for development or viability for a particular type of development.

Site selection is one of the first steps in the planning of any development. Goodson Associates can assist with this process by carry out an Engineering Site Appraisal to determine the suitability of a site for development or the viability of an existing structure for a particular use.

Engineering Site Appraisals, or ESAs, cover a wide range of areas that need to be considered when planning a development. An analysis of the site context is typically undertaken and topography, existing access and boundaries, studies of historical site usage, a high-level overview of anticipated ground conditions and potential contamination sources considered.

Studies on the location and type of above and below ground utilities are also covered with specific reference to any drainage considerations that need to be made. Adjacent watercourses, flooding considerations and anticipated groundwater considerations are all typically covered in our ESA’s.

More specialist areas such as archaeology, ecology, an overview of any structures that will require to be demolished, comments on potential impact on adjacent properties or structures and listed building information is also considered as appropriate.

ESA’s allow both the client and the Design Team the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the site, assess the detailed surveys that might be required in the next stage of the development and highlight any risks that the potential site holds with regards the proposed development.

ESA’s go on to form many aspects of further work such as Site Investigations, Constraints Plans, Drainage Strategy Plan Reports, Flood Risk Assessments and Access Strategies.