Site Investigation

We are able to provide a fully comprehensive ground investigation service that covers desk-top studies, drilling and physical on-site works, soil testing (including chemical analysis), and both factual and interpretative reports.

Our input into an early site investigation brief with our in-house team brings benefits by targeting potential areas for more detailed investigation, minimising risk exposure and allowing potential foundation options to be explored, thus providing an economic solution.

On many projects this has allowed the client to minimise risk in what is the main unquantifiable element within a construction budget.

Through our geotechnical capabilities and influence on site investigation we pride ourselves on striving for the most economic substructure solution to a site.

This includes remediation techniques for contaminated land, ground stabilisation techniques to reduce import of materials, economical foundation solutions, pro-active involvement with the architect to plan sites to suit constraints and take advantage of features.

We have successfully operated a 25+ Year partnering agreement with DAM Geotechnical. This relationship allows us to offer our clients the ability to procure the full site investigation works through ourselves including the fieldwork and site works. This strategy offers the client key benefits.

The first is a simplification on the contractual relationship. With everything procured through a single source, there is no ambiguity as to where one set of responsibility ends, and another starts.

The second point, and in our mind the more important point, is if we control the full service. We can tailor and develop each element and phase of the process to suit the ever-evolving design of a project.

In addition, we are able to offer Geophysical surveys – which provide a non-invasive and cost-effective solution to locating and defining sub-surface features or anomalies, such as service utility locating, mine shaft locating, identifying relic foundations, peat thickness and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO).