Green Goodson

Preserving our future

We incorporate assessments of embodied carbon within our designs, seeking to deliver the most efficient structure in terms of material used, whilst achieving the Client’s requirements. Our approach is to evaluate options to lower the embodied carbon within the structural design, including material choices and efficient building layout, seeking to ensure that the final structural solution is the one that achieves a low embodied carbon value.

At an early stage of the project, we agree embodied-carbon tracking terms and targets, and work to achieve these within the Structural design, reporting to the Client at each design stage what the target is, and if it has been achieved, and how it can be achieved through Smart Design.

Working with the other design team disciplines at an early stage we look to design for economy of materials – feeding into the Project Embodied Carbon Tracker, designing to achieve the embodied carbon targets.
Our approach is underpinned by designing for economy of materials with sufficiently detailed analysis to ensure elements fulfil their role safely but without needless use of excess material.

At the end of our projects, we undertake a review with the Client, design team, and Principal Contractor to ensure that the Structural Sustainability Report requirements, including the embodied structural carbon targets, have been achieved through the construction process, and share these on an Open-Source basis, assisting in the in the preparation of overall sustainability certification and benefitting the wider Construction Industry.