Associate - Edinburgh

Gary joined the Edinburgh office as an Associate in 2014 and has 25+ years of experience.

Gary has a record of leading engineering teams (including specialist disciplines) in the design of small to multi-million pound commercial, retail, residential, industrial and educational buildings, playing a key role in the successful technical, contractual and commercial delivery of the same.

Gary is a Chartered Engineer and SER Certifier of Design. He is also Goodson Associates QA Manager and has a key role in technical management.

Having begun his career sharing one personal computer with five other engineers, Gary has developed a keen interest in the use of computational technology in engineering, developing and maintaining a high level of expertise in 3D modelling as well as understanding the practical benefits of BIM information sharing as part of a successful, streamlined collaborative process.

At home Gary finds himself assisting demanding clients in a variety of construction projects in such diverse materials as Lego, Sticklebricks and Minecraft blocks, occasionally retiring to the greenhouse to consider garden projects.