Whilst Sarah was studying ‘Structural Engineering with Architecture’ at the University of Edinburgh she joined Goodson Associates for two summers to gain practical work experience, putting her studies into real-world context. Having enjoyed those summers, Sarah was delighted to return to Goodson Associates full time in September 2015.

Since then she has worked on a range of projects, from small residential developments to multi-million pound schools.

Sarah has always been interested in how people live in or use a space, and therefore really enjoys being part of the Design Team that creates that space. As a member of a Design Team she is especially keen on achieving a collaborative relationship between all parties involved.

This approach has given Sarah success on projects such as Scotland’s first Passivhaus primary school, where knowledge sharing between the different disciplines was vital to satisfy the Passivhaus requirements whilst also achieving an efficient structural solution.

Following this success Sarah is keen to develop her experience working with sustainable solutions and looks forward to seeing how these will be taken on board throughout the construction industry.

Outside of work Sarah likes to travel and stay active, the ideal combination of both is skiing! Year round, she enjoys hill-walking, running, playing netball and counting down until the next adventure!